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Gunnar Productions is a boutique multimedia production house. Specializing in visual effects and animation integrated into live-action videos for commercials, social media marketing, music videos as well as short and feature films.



Darren Gunnar Peterson is a multimedia artist with over twelve years of experience creating popular, award-winning work in an encompassing range of commercial applications.

Creative Directer / Owner

Darren Gunnar Peterson


After performing in numerous productions at the ActorsNET of Bucks County in his hometown of Morrisville, Tom earned his BFA from Ithaca College in Film, Photography and the Visual Arts. Recently he produced a feature-length documentary advocating against a toxic waste water facility. 

Lead Editor

Tom Smith

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A fine artist, animator and avid snowboarder. Erik started out making AAA video game titles and has built a career around his digital painting and illustration.

Animator / Illustrator

Erik Exeter


Stina is a songwriter, opera singer and composer.  She lives in 

Composer / Vocalist / Musician

Stina Peterson