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Jumpstarter for Digital Video Business Solutions

Imagine this. You’re a business owner. Not just any business owner, you’re a passionate small business owner that went out on a limb to build a business from the ground up (by working your tail off). Wait a minute - you don’t have to imagine: that is you!

So, you’re behind the counter or at your desk thinking. ‘If only I could get more customers, and if only I could do it without spending more! Isn’t all this digital tech supposed to do it for me!?’

Good news, Gunnar Productions has insider tips that you can take advantage of. Here’s a checklist of things that will single-handedly improve your digital presence instantly and not cost you a dime.

First things first…


Want a camera? A really awesome camera? That doesn’t cost a dime (at least not a dime more)?

Look down. Yes, at your desk, maybe your pocket or purse - your phone. How many viral videos have you seen online that were filmed on a cell phone? A lot. Why?

A camera is only as good as the subject it films. And the best camera is always, is the one in your hand.

So, if you can film something that brings in customers on a phone that is certainly worth it, right? The quality or resolution of a video is always second to the content it shows. The sheer volume of views on funny pet videos on the internet proved that long ago. That’s why we are always focused on content and story first. That doesn't mean camera and video quality don't matter, just that video can be effective despite these things. We, of course, film and edit to the highest quality industry standards. But once you have your content foundation, everything else just adds to your ability to deliver that message effectively.

These days we all have access to at least one and likely many cameras. Your smartphone, your partners smartphone, a college or employee's smartphone. That camera you bought for travel or filming the kids? What about that GoPro your friend or sibling has?

Let’s use all these awesome gadgets to drive some views and get our money’s worth.

Second thing…


It is hard to admit, but creativity is free.

Look up. Yes, at yourself. That reflection in the window, picture frame or your mind. What are you going to do with this camera? Film yourself? You’re not an actor. How could you?

Let’s go to the expert - Sean Connery. Ever seen Finding Forrester? Connery plays an old shut-in celebrity writer. His advice to an aspiring author: “The first rule of writing is to write - not to think.”

The first rule of filming is to film - also not to think. What do you say when a new customer walks in the door? Treat a video the same way. Although you can change your tone in a video, say recruiting employees versus customer testimonials, the truth is that people really don’t mind hearing redundant information. We even find that a lot of YouTube interaction comes from viewers who were already familiar with the subject matter and want to add their own two cents.

Four instant ideas from my head to yours.

1. General sales pitch.

2. Follow a product or service from start to finish in the assembly line / office.

3. Testimonials from customers (people are generally more willing to be in another person’s video to help out than making their own - as you’re finding).

4. What about just a video saying where you hope your business will go in the future?

So, moral of the story, film anything. Don’t be afraid - although I wouldn’t recommend starting with Live videos. You can always delete a video or not post it. Worst case scenario with video posting, you post something, and no one watches it. Best case scenario, you post something and it gets a ton of views and exposure for you and your business.

But how do you film? For now just make it watchable, not too dark, not too shaky, not too much background noise. For more tips look for our upcoming blog on simple DIY filming tips.

Third thing…


Do you have a Facebook account? Probably. Have you ever watched a YouTube video? Probably.

Now look down a bit, not as far. Yes, the computer. That (now very small) hunk of aluminum and circuitry that doesn’t always work the way you want it. (You could use your phone too.)

You probably already have a great idea of where your audience is. Be it on Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, wherever. Oh, wait - you don’t? Well, I’ll tell you where your digital audience isn’t - in front of you. Otherwise you’d be talking, not social-media-ing.

So post anywhere and everywhere. It’s only a matter of time before one place becomes more successful than others and you know to invest more time there.

Hold on. Back up again - I know what you’re thinking. What if I don’t get any views at all! That’s worse than negative feedback, right?

You will get views. Even if it is just your friends and family, but probably a lot more. People will watch because we are naturally curious, and a video ready to play, holds infinite possibilities.

Fourth thing...


Now you have a bunch of amazing little videos with a modest following? How do you take it to the next level?

Don’t look anywhere, you’re on our blog. We can help.

Once you put your own ideas into motion with free tech you can call us at Gunnar Productions and together we can use anything from 4K resolution and stabilizing gimbals to pro editing suites and back-end analytics to take your digital presence even further than before.

We’re experts, not only in cameras, lenses and microphones, but also in directing others in front of the camera. We even, monitor the engagement of our video products after the fact.

Every fire needs a spark to start it though, so get out there and film yourself! It’s free!

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